Wpa_supplicant porting to WinCE6.0 WsaStartup

ASWIN PP aswin11th
Thu Mar 26 12:32:55 PDT 2015

Thanks for the reply about WMI alternate way using NDISUIO by

But when iam loading wpa_supplicant on wince 6.0 it throwing an error on "
WSAStartup" API saying "Could not find a usable WinSock.dll".
I want to get some clarification on
OS_Win32.c want to include for WinCE6.0.??
Also flag "CONFIG_NATIVE_WINDOWS" want to enable for WinCE6.0??
For wince we want to use UDP sockets for control interface so "WSAStartup"
call should need, right??

Thanks and Regards
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