[PATCH 2/2] wpa_gui-qt4: tray icon based signal strength meter

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Mar 25 13:24:44 PDT 2015

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 11:27:46PM +0100, Arkadiusz (Arkq) Bokowy wrote:
> I've updated this functionality, to use the SIGNAL POLL request, however
> I'm not able to test it with other driver than nl80211. Also, the look
> and feel of the bars - translation from the dBms - might not be the
> best (it seems there is no unified guidelines for this).
> All I can say with the 100% accuracy is: it works for me :D

Thanks, applied.

> Status icon names are based on various Gnome icon packs (e.g. Faba). When
> icon can not be found, default one is shown (wpa_gui logo).

I did not see the icon changing on Ubuntu 14.04 (ubuntu-mono-dark
theme). I did not feel like debugging this any further since the
fallback option worked fine. Anyway, I'd assume some additional work
could be done to cover additional combinations.

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