WPA_Supplicant porting issue on WinCE6.0

ASWIN PP aswin11th
Wed Mar 25 10:23:33 PDT 2015

Hi All,

Currently i am porting Wpa_Supplicant to Wince 6.0.
Previously i have an issue with winpcap library, But its solved by using
Ndisuio mechanism to capture packets.
But still i don't know how it works??
Then issue with named pipes, which solved by using udp raw sockets.

But now one more issue with NDIS events. Wince 6.0 not supporting WMI, Is
there have any alternate way overcome this problem??
I want to know about the flag "CONFIG_NDIS_EVENTS_INTEGRATED"
Can the WMI problem will resolve by disabling this flag ???
If yes, How it works ?? How supplicant will got the NDIS Events??

Pls let me know this details...
aswin11th at gmail.com

Thanks and regards
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