Help with passwordless autonomous P2P-GO

Aditya Bhave adityay.bhave
Thu Mar 19 21:45:24 PDT 2015


Im working on a project where I need to setup an autonomous P2P-GO such
that clients can connect to it without a password. I understand from the
IEEE spec that having security in P2P is a requirement, but for the
purposes of experimentation, I would like to set one up without a password.
Can anyone provide any pointers on how to implement this in 2.2? For
version 1.0, I had a patch that worked. Essentially, I added a new CLI
parameter ?secured? in p2p_group_add, and then in    wpas_start_wps_go() in
p2p_supplicant.c, I changed the following lines

ssid->key_mgmt = WPA_KEY_MGMT_PSK;
     ssid->proto = WPA_PROTO_RSN;
     sid->pairwise_cipher = WPA_CIPHER_CCMP;
     ssid->passphrase = os_strdup(params->passphrase);


if (secured == 0) {
         ssid->key_mgmt = WPA_KEY_MGMT_NONE;
          ssid->key_mgmt = WPA_KEY_MGMT_PSK;
          ssid->proto = WPA_PROTO_RSN;
          ssid->pairwise_cipher = WPA_CIPHER_CCMP;
          ssid->passphrase = os_strdup(params->passphrase);

Although a hack, this seemed to work, however it does not in supplicant
2.2. Can someone please help me with this?


Aditya Bhave
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