issue when running AP and client on router simultaneously

Ben Greear greearb
Fri Jan 30 09:44:50 PST 2015

On 01/29/2015 11:02 PM, Sourav wrote:
> Figured out that if hostapd and wpa_supplicant are running simultaneously,then hostapd should be the last one to run.....if that is the case,then the problem
> mentioned  never occurs....ideally though hostapd and wpa_supplicant should be independent of each other......can you suggest the reason for this behaviour?

Probably a driver issue....we have no obvious problems with the start order
when using similar setups on ath19k.


> On 29/01/15 16:32, Ben Greear wrote:
>> I have no experience with that NIC...but I'd suggest considering Atheros NICs
>> if you want multiple virtual interfaces working at once.  Ath9k is rock solid,
>> and ath10k can be made to work.  Ath9k_htc is much more limited than ath9k (pci-e).
>> Ben
>> On 01/28/2015 09:29 PM, Sourav wrote:
>>> On 29/01/15 16:27, Ben Greear wrote:
>>>> This probably a driver issue..what NIC/driver are you using?
>>> rt2x00 open source drivers with Ralink RT3072 chipset
>>>> Ben
>>>> On 01/28/2015 08:49 PM, Sourav wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> We are running AP(via hostapd) and client(via wpa_supplicant),simultaneously, on our routers. However if the AP to which our router is connected, is
>>>>> switched STAs can connect to our router(though hostapd is running).
>>>>> When the client connection to the remote AP is restored, can STAs connect to our router......have you guys observed this issue? If so how to get over it.....
>>>>> Also please let me know, how to detect if client connection is lost from wpa_supplicant.

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