Problems using WPA with bridged interface

Luke Dashjr luke
Thu Jan 29 08:42:36 PST 2015

With both Debian stable's packaged, as well as the latest from git, 
wpa_supplicant fails if my interface is part of a bridge (even using the -b 
option), but works fine if I remove it from the bridge until authentication 
completes (and then add it back to the bridge). For some reason it isn't 
seeing the EAPOL packets, even though I've confirmed it does l2_packet_init 
for the bridge interface. I've also confirmed tcpdump always sees the EAPOL 
packets on wlan0, even when bridged. Any tips on how to get beyond this?



P.S. I don't think it's relevant, but this is with a ath9k_htc device.

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