nl_socket_set_buffer_size usage

Jonathan Bither jonbither
Mon Jan 26 08:05:19 PST 2015

Hello Jouni,

I was unable to build hostapd this morning on CentOS6 again after commit 
"630b323 nl80211: Increase netlink receive buffer size".

libnl1 doesn't provide "nl_socket_set_buffer_size()" so I fixed my build 
with the change below. I'm not sure if it was the appropriate method so 
I just wanted to check with you if this was the correct fix.

Thanks again,

diff --git a/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c b/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
index f955ee4..a29037f 100644
--- a/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
+++ b/src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c
@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ static void nl80211_register_eloop_read(struct 
nl_handle **handle,
  					eloop_sock_handler handler,
  					void *eloop_data)
  	 * libnl uses a pretty small buffer (32 kB that gets converted to 64 kB)
  	 * by default. It is possible to hit that limit in some cases where
@@ -145,6 +146,7 @@ static void nl80211_register_eloop_read(struct 
nl_handle **handle,
  		/* continue anyway with the default (smaller) buffer */

  	eloop_register_read_sock(nl_socket_get_fd(*handle), handler,

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