mix AP and wireless client

Harm Verhagen harm.verhagen
Thu Jan 15 05:15:42 PST 2015


I'm looking for a way to have simultaneously  an AP and a wireless client
with a _single_ wifi device.

I am able to start multiple SSIDs with hostapd, following [1]. This works
perfectly. I can connect to each SSID. (tested with 4 SSIDS)

This gave me the idea, that if hostapd can create 'new' wlan devices. I
(hopefully) can configure the 2nd  wlan0_0 device as a wifi client.

Usecase: For a device thats
1) sometimes, when near an AP it needs internet acces for itself (hence the
required 'client' functionality)
2) needs to be connected to some other devices, that are only wifi clients.
(these devices don't needs to access internet, only direct access to my

I tried letting hostapd create the 2nd interface(wlan0_0)  by just adding
bss=wlan0_0  to my hostapd config file.  It does create the device, but
trying to 'ifup' that as a client (no security yet)  fails.

Anyone have any clues how to achieve this ?

host: linux
wifi: GWF-3M05 IEEE 80211 Wlan module (usb)

Harm Verhagen

[1] http://wiki.stocksy.co.uk/wiki/Multiple_SSIDs_with_hostapd
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