[PATCH v2] Write client (dis)associations to a logfile

Stefan Tomanek stefan.tomanek
Thu Jan 15 02:24:38 PST 2015

Dies schrieb Jouni Malinen (j at w1.fi):

> > Most embedded system do not have persistent log storage (OpenWrt devices);
> > therefore, the list of client actions moves out of the log buffer quite fast.
> > And of course syslog messages aren't easily parseble - I am using the written
> > logfile to correlate client associations with DHCP leases from dnsmasq. And as
> > a last point, the syslog message of a client associating does not include the
> > SSID used (which might be interesting on a system servicing multiple networks).
> > Using multiple files makes it easier to log each network into separate
> > locations; e.g. logging activity in a guest network to /tmp/assoc_guest while
> > keeping internal networks away from that log.
> I'd rather make the existing syslog mechanism more useful than
> introduce something completely new for doing more or less the same
> thing. There are too many different existing logging options already..

That might be the case, but I still find it extremely convenient to have a
well-arranged summary listing of the clients using my AP - especially if I can
simply parse it using awk and merge it with other data (like the dnsmasq leases
file). Grabbing that data from syslog isn't that easy, especially if no
persistent syslog storage is in play.

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