P2P Persistent Group Revoke Methods

Jouni Malinen j
Mon Jan 12 04:06:06 PST 2015

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 05:23:00AM +0000, KUMAR AMIT SINGH wrote:

> Currently, we are able to re-voke a persistent group using <P2P-INVITE> command both from previously configured GO or GC devices. My question is:

> 1. Does the persistent group revoke request receiving device should wait for USER to accept persistent group connection based on config method of persistent group?

That depends on your use case. Some cases may want to do this
automatically (say, a mouse connecting to a laptop where a persistent
group has been established just for that specific purpose between two
devices), some want to ask user to accept the connection (say, a TV or
video projector with multiple devices connecting to it).

> Currently, if receiving device is already configured "<STRONG><EM>set persistent_reconnect <1></EM></STRONG>" In that case persistent group is re-voked without User Intervention. Is this the way persistent group work?

That persistent_reconnect parameter allows you to set which one of the
supported cases you are targeting on the device.

> <P>2. In a persistent group of multiple group clients how a GC will request other GCs to join group after revoking the persistent group?

Just like in any P2P group, i.e., a P2P Client can use invitation to
request a peer device to join the group that P2P Client is in. The fact
that the group happens to be a persistent group does not change anything
for that part. The invited devices would then have an option of figuring
out that it has a persistent group information available for the group
and use that information to avoid having to go through the WPS
provisioning step again.

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