Recommended Beacon Interval for 2.4GHz vs 5GHz dual band networks with single SSID

Jeremy Ward jward01
Mon Jan 5 12:31:40 PST 2015


Looking for a reccomendation as to what should be specified for a beacon
interval on each wireless interface when using two cards under hostAPd, one
operating at 2.4GHz the other at 5GHz, with the same SSID on each.

The goal is to increase the likelihood that an STA will see the 5GHz beacon
before the 2.4GHz beacon, and thus associate with the 5GHz AP and not the
2.4GHz AP.

A number of enterprise-class dual-band APs use exactly this tactic to
"entice" a dual-band STA to associate with the 5GHz radio, mostly because
out in the wild, 5GHz is less encumbered than 2.4GHz and has close to 10x
the amount of available spectrum (regulatory domain dependent, of course)

My thoughts were the following:
2.4GHz Beacon Interval: 200
5GHz Beacon Interval: 50

Also, if this is not the right forum in which to post such a question,
please let me know.

Thanks for your feedback and assistance,

Jeremy D. Ward, CWNE
(954) 661-4965
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