[PATCH 2/2] ibss: enable HT40 if supported

Jouni Malinen j
Mon Jan 5 01:27:39 PST 2015

On Mon, Jan 05, 2015 at 07:42:32AM +0100, Janusz Dziedzic wrote:
> On 4 January 2015 at 14:22, Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi> wrote:
> > On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 08:14:59AM +0100, Janusz Dziedzic wrote:
> >> Setup HT40+/HT40- if supported by driver.
> >
> > How would this handle 20/40 MHz coexistence requirements and overlapped
> > BSS scanning expectations?
> >
> I am not sure who should run obss scan here. Now seem mac80211 run
> scan and decide if merge or create new ibss.
> From other side we could implement something like
> hostapd_check_ht_capab() also for ibss/ap/mesh supplicant version?
> But this seems like a more work.

A reasonable compromise could be to run the initial co-ex scan part on
overlapping channels and swap primary/secondary channels, if needed, in
case a new IBSS is being started (i.e., the IBSS was not already present
in the scan results). I agree that the dynamic changes during the
lifetime of the IBSS could well be left for the drivers/mac80211 to
handle since the design here is quite different compared to AP mode.

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