[PATCH] Add ssids_equal() to compare SSIDs

Stefan Tomanek stefan.tomanek
Sun Jan 4 04:44:12 PST 2015

Dies schrieb Jouni Malinen (j at w1.fi):

> >  15 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)
> This would kind of look nice, but if you'd clean up the coding style to
> match the style used in hostap.git, (<= 80 char lines), this is actually
> increasing the number of lines.. Even worse, this breaks most of
> wpa_supplicant functionality due to incorrect conversion. I don't think
> I see enough benefit in this to justify the risk of regressions if this
> is based on manual edits rather than something automated like spatch
> with a semantic patch.
> At least this one is incorrect.. I stopped reviewing here taken into
> account I'm not sure I'd apply this anyway in the end:

Oh, this is embarrassing. I did catch a few typos during testing (including the
one you pointed out), but it looks like I forgot to squash the commits fixing
those into the branch I threw to format-patch.

I'm currently re-working the patch with spatch; since there are a lot of other
code segments checking buffers for equality, the ratio of removed/added lines
might tip into the more favorable direction. Using coccinelle might also
help to keep the brain alive while wading through boilerplate code :-)

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