[PATCH 2/3] Add network specific AP black- & whitelists

Jouni Malinen j
Sun Jan 4 03:22:22 PST 2015

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 01:24:36PM +0100, Stefan Tomanek wrote:
> This change allows the configuration options "bssid_whitelist" and
> "bssid_blacklist" to limit the AP selection of a network to a specified
> (finite) set or discard certain APs.
> This can be useful for environments where multiple networks operate using the
> same ESSID and where roaming between those is not desired.
> It is also useful to ignore a faulty or otherwise unwanted AP.

It should be noted that this won't work with all drivers, i.e., this
works only when wpa_supplicant is taking care of BSS selection. Should
wpa_supplicant reject this configuration if the driver is known to take
care of BSS selection? Or ignore this?

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