test: How to pass auto test

Masashi Honma masashi.honma
Sat Jan 3 15:58:10 PST 2015

2015-01-04 7:14 GMT+09:00 Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi>:
> I hadn't realized modprobe would load the module even when the specified
> argument does not exist. This is quite inconvenient in this specific
> case, but I guess we could make start.sh explicitly verify that the
> needed parameeter is supported and if not, refuse to start and request
> mac80211_hwsim to be updated.

modprobe could load driver.
But support_p2p_device=0 argument didn't work.
It worked on 3.16.

> This does not require a kernel change, i.e., it is enough to update the
> Wi-Fi components with Backports. buildbot.w1.fi uses the standard Ubuntu
> 14.04 kernel, but a recent Backports snapshot build from
> http://buildbot.w1.fi/backports-wireless-testing/

Thank you !
How can I use it ?

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