segmentation fault in wpa_supplicant

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Apr 29 05:23:06 PDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 01:06:51PM +0200, Christian Hesse wrote:
> I am suffering a segmentation fault in wpa_supplicant (2.4 and git master)
> when started with DBus control interface (command option -u). Probably the
> problem only exists for drivers that use a management interface. The log looks
> like this:

> wpa_supplicant[1629]: process 1629: arguments to
> dbus_message_iter_append_basic() were incorrect, assertion
> "_dbus_check_is_valid_path (*string_p)" failed in file dbus-message.c line
> 2681.

> I bisected the code and found the bad commit:
> > commit 21efc940f6e7f07b84b7e5c5867f3d81594c4fb0
> > wpa_supplicant: Do not register a P2P management interface on DBus

It looks like there is a large number of issues in the D-Bus commands
for P2P management. They are picking incorrect interface for many cases
when the separate P2P Device interface is used. Fixing the crash is
straightforward, but getting all those P2P operations working correctly
is going to take quite a bit more effort.

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