Wi-Fi Direct Probe response from GO

anjalik at iwavesystems.com anjalik
Sun Apr 26 23:11:05 PDT 2015


  I had add the print in p2p_add_dev_from_probe_req() to know which  
ssid is being analysed. Since this function has nothing to do with GO  
probe response. I am ruling out this function .

  According to your last mail , the GO role replies to a Probe Request  
frame is in src/ap/beacon.c . I analyzed the file ,if my understanding  
is correct hostapd_gen_probe_resp() should be called from  
handle_probe_req() if G0 wants to send the probe response. But the  
handle_probe_req() returns because the  sta variable has null value  
since any kind of association is happened at that point of time as you  
said in one of your mails before.

sta = ap_get_sta(hapd, mgmt->sa);

  if (elems.ssid_len == 0 ||
             (elems.ssid_len == hapd->conf->ssid.ssid_len &&
              os_memcmp(elems.ssid, hapd->conf->ssid.ssid, elems.ssid_len) ==
              0)) {
                 if (sta)
                         sta->ssid_probe = &hapd->conf->ssid;
         } else {
                 if (!(mgmt->da[0] & 0x01)) {
                         char ssid_txt[33];
                         ieee802_11_print_ssid(ssid_txt, elems.ssid,
                         wpa_printf(MSG_MSGDUMP, "Probe Request from " MACSTR
                                    " for foreign SSID '%s' (DA " MACSTR ")",
                                    MAC2STR(mgmt->sa), ssid_txt,
                 return; ----------->returns here

So how the code flows in actual working case so the GO replies with a  
probe response? . The client is waiting for GO probe response and its  
unavailability results in Group formation timeout.

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