[PATCH 2/4] Add "catchall" to react to all probe requests

Stefan Tomanek stefan.tomanek
Sat Apr 25 09:19:25 PDT 2015

Dies schrieb Jouni Malinen (j at w1.fi):

> Please update hostapd/hostapd.conf with documentation for the added
> configuration parameter.
> Taken into account how special use case this is, I think it would be
> justifiable to disable this from builds by default and require
> CONFIG_<something>=y to be used in hostapd/.config to enable this. This
> would also make it more justifiable to bring some of the patch 1/4
> changes (but probably not all) back under #ifdef without extra cost for
> the more common hostapd use case.

Sure, I'll post an updated patchset later today.

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