GreenField : HT capabilties for autonomous P2PGO

Jouni Malinen j
Sat Apr 25 00:17:10 PDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 07, 2015 at 10:50:41AM +0000, Atul Joshi wrote:
> Can you please let us know how to disable GF capability in wpa_supplciant when starting the autonomous P2PGO?

I'm not sure there is a mechanism for doing this currently, i.e.,
HT_CAP_INFO_GREEN_FIELD flag is set automatically based on the
capabilities the local driver advertises.

> I can see that
> In file ieee80211n_supported_ht_capab
> if ((conf & HT_CAP_INFO_GREEN_FIELD) &&
>                     !(hw & HT_CAP_INFO_GREEN_FIELD)) {
>                                 wpa_printf(MSG_ERROR, "Driver does not support configured "
>                                                    "HT capability [GF]");
>                                 return 0;
>                 }
> So according to the above snippet, if ht_capab has it set in wpa_supplicant but disabled by the driver, it will fail to start.

It would, but wpa_supplicant sets this only based on driver

> Can you please point out how can we disable the GF from the wpa_supplicant? I could not find any parameter for Green Field in wpa_supplicant.conf or is there some other way to disable specific bits in ht_capabilities_info?

Are you saying that you are getting that "Driver does not support
configured HT capability [GF]" message? If so, could you please provide
full debug log showing this and "iw list" output to show what the driver
advertises as its capabilities?

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