P2P: Failed to select random social channel as listen channel

Ben Greear greearb
Mon Apr 20 16:41:20 PDT 2015

This was from a relatively recent wpa_supplicant, maybe 4 months
old or so.

NIC was an ath10k engineering sample that only supports 5Ghz..  That is the
only difference that I can think of from our normal ath10k NICs that never
see this problem.

Upon trying to launch supplicant, it fails with the errors, and then
exits supplicant entirely.

First, maybe failure of P2P is not worth stopping supplicant?

And second, any idea why it failed as it did?

After adding:  p2p_diasble=1 to the config file,
then things worked fine.

1429565182.455067: P2P: Add operating class 115
1429565182.455070: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=4): 24 28 2c 30
1429565182.455074: P2P: Add operating class 124
1429565182.455076: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=4): 95 99 9d a1
1429565182.455078: P2P: Add operating class 116
1429565182.455080: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=2): 24 2c
1429565182.455083: P2P: Add operating class 117
1429565182.455085: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=2): 28 30
1429565182.455087: P2P: Add operating class 126
1429565182.455089: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=2): 95 9d
1429565182.455091: P2P: Add operating class 127
1429565182.455093: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=2): 99 a1
1429565182.455096: P2P: Add operating class 128
1429565182.455104: P2P: Channels - hexdump(len=4): 24 28 2c 30
1429565182.455110: P2P: Failed to select random social channel as listen channel
1429565182.455114: sta0: Failed to init P2P
1429565182.455116: Failed to add interface sta0


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