Ethernet/Wi-Fi - Hostapd prevents Ethernet from getting DHCP address

Don Lawrence dlawrence
Fri Apr 17 15:08:04 PDT 2015

I hope I'm posting correctly.

I have a custom build project using an Intel NUC with a wirless card and
ethernet port as a AP for clients to connect to.  The ethernet is just a
connection to the machine and the two are not bridged.

I was running CentOS 6.5 and it was working fine.  I changed it to CentOS 7
to get a feel for the new OS and get my brain wrapped around the new
commands and architecture.

I had to compile hostapd from source since it isn't in the CentOS 7 repo. I
had few problems getting the system setup.  After I rebooted, I found the
ethernet port didn't have a DHCP address and I couldn't get it to snag
one.  I thought because I was running dhcdp locally but that wasn't it.
Once I stopped hostapd I was able to get an IP on the ethernet port.

I am wondering if I could get a point in the right direction as to why and
how to get around it if possible.  I could make the hostapd a manual start
after the device starts up but I'd rather not.

Thank you for your time,

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