Recurring scan with scan_interval stopped after type=only

Mikael Kanstrup mikael.kanstrup
Thu Apr 16 03:54:18 PDT 2015


I was digging into the wifi scan behavior on Android Lollipop when I
noticed that requesting scan with TYPE=ONLY stops the recurring scans
with time interval set by scan_interval. Is this intentional behavior
or an unwanted side-effect of the command?

What I see running standalone wpa_supplicant on my PC is the following:

- Start wpa_supplicant
- wpa_cli scan_interval 10
- wpa_cli scan

Now every 10th second after receiving the scan results a new scan is
requested. Just as expected

The I run:
- wpa_cli scan type=only

If there is no ongoing scan a special scan with no attempt to connect
is initiated. Again just what I expected. Though following this scan
there's no recurring "normal" scans. Intentional or not?


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