Wi-Fi Direct GO Failure

anjalik at iwavesystems.com anjalik
Tue Apr 7 23:11:21 PDT 2015

Hello List,

      I am facing the same problem described by Mr.Qiuye in his post  
"host unable to act as GO in p2p communication"  

I am using the Marvell Wi-Fi Driver version  
SD8787-14.66.9.p97-M3X14447-GPL-(FP66) which has Wi-Fi Direct support  
clearly mention in its release note.

I have tested the Wi-Fi Direct in Linux with marvell Wireless utility  
(MWU) which is working fine. The same driver has been used in Android  
ICS 4.0.4 for the current project.

But I am getting Group Formation Timeout error whenever my i.MX6 board  
is configured with high intent value(No issues when the i.MX6 board  
configured as P2P client with low intent value).

Awaiting for valuable suggestions from experts.

Thanks & Regards,

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