[PATCH] P2P : Add Operating class 125 for P2P supported channels

Ben Abdessalem, AmrX amrx.ben.abdessalem
Fri Apr 3 02:03:23 PDT 2015


This patch adds the opportunity to use channel 165  for example in P2P operations, depending of the wifi chip capabilities and also depending of the country code,
For "us" country code, the list is rather :
> ieee80211_chan_to_freq_us(u8 op_class, u8 chan)
> +	case 5: /* channels 149,153,157,161,165 */
I'm attaching the rectified patch, sorry for the mistake,
I didn't understand why it's not suitable to use LicenseExemptBehavior behavior for P2P, I think we are already using operating class 81, which is also LicenseExemptBehavior behavior (for Europe and United states,  but we are excluding some channels [12,13] ).
For 125 operating class, it's LicenseExemptBehavior behavior as global operating class, but not for Europe,


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On Thu, Apr 02, 2015 at 04:37:35PM +0000, Ben Abdessalem, AmrX wrote:
> Could you please consider the attached patch for merging ?
> It's about adding operating class 125 for P2P supported channels list.

Could you please clarify why this should be allowed for P2P use cases?
Class 124 covers the channels 149-161 that have been defined with the NomadicBehavior behavior limits set while Class 125 channels
149-165(169) have LicenseExemptBehavior behavior limits set that is for "some fixed stations [that] can be operated without a license at a higher radiated transmit power than permitted for nomadic use". For me, that reads as something that is not really suitable for P2P.

> diff --git a/src/common/ieee802_11_common.c 
> b/src/common/ieee802_11_common.c @@ -612,6 +612,10 @@ static int 
> ieee80211_chan_to_freq_us(u8 op_class, u8 chan)
> +	case 5: /* channels 149,153,157,169 */
> +		if (chan < 149 || chan > 169)
> +			return -1;
> +		return 5000 + 5 * chan;
> @@ -764,12 +768,15 @@ static int ieee80211_chan_to_freq_global(u8 
> op_class, u8 chan)
> +	case 125: /* channels 149,153,157,161,165,169 */
> +		if (chan < 149 || chan > 169)
> +			return -1;
> +		return 5000 + 5 * chan;

I'm fine with these in the generic (not specific to P2P) helper functions, but rest of the changes are P2P specific and need clearer justification on the applicability of LicenseExemptBehavior for P2P use cases.

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