[PATCH v2] nl80211: fix EAPOL frames not being delivered

Maxime Bizon mbizon
Wed Mar 26 00:19:19 PDT 2014

On Wednesday 26 Mar 2014 ? 00:52:17 (+0200), Jouni Malinen wrote:

> Adding a call to add_ifidx() makes sense, but not in this location. This
> would end up adding interfaces to the list multiple times and then being

you're right, I misread the first for loop in add_ifidx() and
thought it was an opencoded has_ifidx() to avoid duplicate entries

what about adding has_ifidx() at the beginning ?

> left there even after del_ifidx() call which is removing only a single
> entry. I'd assume this new add_ifidx() call should be much earlier in
> this function. To be more exact, where the ifdex == -ENFILE is checked.

wpa_driver_nl80211_if_add() has many error paths, and I did not want
to add 'if (added) del_ifidx()' everywhere


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