Questions Regarding ANQP Fetch

Shyam shyamms2003
Thu Mar 20 10:39:48 PDT 2014

> Hi Jouni,
> As I understand from the code the ANQP fetch is supported by 2 commands
 1. FETCH_ANQP- To Fetch ANQP information from all the BSSIDs.
 2. ANQP_GET- Fetch BSSID for a single BSSID.
Now what was interested to see is that the FETCH_ANQP banks upon the
in-memory cache maintained in the BSS structure. If the wifi is turned
on-off or when the BSS flush happens this cache is cleared and hence we
loose the data. Was there any reason why you didnt think about writing the
anqp information into a file/DB in which case the data would be available
upon state resets?
Were you suggesting that clients read ANQP information from the BSS command
and they cache it?

Pls share your thoughts?

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