[PATCH 3/3] hostapd: Update ht_capab HT20/40 upon channel switch

Peer, Ilan ilan.peer
Wed Mar 19 04:58:15 PDT 2014

> > >
> > > Same as in previous patch. In addition such a change only changes
> > > the
> > internal interface configuration but does change the actual beacon
> > (which was already configured as part of the csa flow).
> >
> > I'm confused with the sentence.
> >
> > For requested CSA we recalculate beacon IEs. Actually now that I think
> > about it.. is this properly updated when constructing after_csa beacon
> > for CSA request itself? Hmm..
> Ieee80211-2012 spec., states that:
> " NOTE?The Supported Channel Width Set subfield transmitted by an AP is
> constant for the lifetime of its BSS as it is a parameter of the MLME-
> START.request primitive".
> I discussed this possibility of changing the HT/VHT capabilities of the AP
> during the lifetime of the AP with Johannes. He explained that generally an
> AP should not change its supported capabilities (still debatable in the 802.11
> TG), unless explicitly stated in the spec. and expected to be clarified  in the
> spec.

I meant that the fact that an AP should not change its supported capabilities is going to be addressed in the spec.


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