Is there a place to file bugs for this software?

Shahid Mahmood mahmoods
Thu Mar 13 10:00:36 PDT 2014

Jouni Malinen <j <at>> writes:

> On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 02:59:18PM +0000, Shahid Mahmood wrote:
> > Wondering how one would go about filing a bug or bug-like behavior for this
> > software (wpa_supplicant). I have posted a scenario about 2 weeks ago but
> > there is no response as of now. Is this the right place to post such stuff
> > or I am missing something?
> Yes, this mailing list is the right place for that. Assuming you are
> referring to the message regarding wired IEEE 802.1X, that is likely to
> be in an area that has somewhat limited set of people interested in it,
> so it may take some time to get responses, though.
> > Previously, I reported a bug on '', but that url has
> > disappeared.
> The old bugzilla installation did not survive the server changes I was
> forced to go through when the service provider decided to terminate the
> service type I was using..

Thanks guys for the clarifications, and my sympathies for the service issues.

Now that I have your attention, may I refer you to the bug in question:

The wpa_supplicant is indeed used in wired mode, and I do have a patch to
share/review. Just wanted to get a feel on how to go about this because the
patch will affect the 'Peer State Machine' defined in rfc4137 flow chart.

Really appreciate your time.

- shahid
(Avaya Inc, Canada)

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