Regarding Payload ID field in the NDEF record

Jithu Jance jithu
Wed Mar 12 07:16:21 PDT 2014

> Yes, it is intentional. I don't think there is any mandatory requirement
> for the specific alternative carrier record to use '0' as the Payload
> ID. That would not make much sense from NFC view point and I see them
> more as examples for the specific messages in the spec when they
> happened to include only a single alternative carrier. Any other value
> could have been used instead. I would expect this to be any unique
> identifier that is then used as the reference to find the data for this
> particular carrier record. As such, it is up to an higher level entity
> in the NFC stack to allocate a unique Payload ID and use it consistently
> between the WSC, P2P, Bluetooth, etc. carrier records. (See NFC Forum
> Connection Handover 1.2 spec, chapter 2.4 for more details.)

Thanks Jouni for detailed explanation! :)

- Jithu Jance

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