ap_vlan_open exits hwsim tests

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Mar 12 01:58:46 PDT 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 12:43:33AM -0700, Jacob Minshall wrote:
> I have found the offending commit
> 89c86a64cd056e283323710c9ddf6f7090a450c8
> kobject: delay kobject release for random time


> I guess it is doing what is says, and is indeed taking a random amount
> of time (which just happens to be more time than the vm is willing to
> wait)

I have no idea why this would affect wpa_supplicant, but I guess we'll
need to figure that out now..

> So is extending the time of the wait to 20 a good solution? I'm not
> personally fond of arbitrary wait times being extended as needed.
> Though this patch does not seem wrong in and of itself.

No, this is not a good solution. wpa_supplicant control interface is
always supposed to reply immediately. If it takes multiple seconds,
something is badly wrong and needs to be fixed. There would need to be a
blocking operation somewhere that was introduced by that commit.

That said, this is test functionality and it does not look like one
would enable CONFIG_DEBUG_KOBJECT_RELEASE=y for a production build.. I
didn't actually have that enabled in my kernel which would explain why I
don't see the issue. As a quick workaround, I'd assume you can just
remove that from the kernel build used for hwsim tests for now. I'll see
what happens when I do the opposite.. :)

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