Setting up a RTL8188CUS 802.11n WLAN Adapter

Christian Lamparter chunkeey
Sun Mar 9 09:42:48 PDT 2014

Am 09.03.2014 16:55 schrieb "Cs?nyi P?l" <csanyipal at>:
> 2014-03-09 16:18 GMT+01:00 Christian Lamparter <chunkeey at>:
> > On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 3:23 PM, Cs?nyi P?l <csanyipal at> wrote:
> >> > Well, I'm searching for an usb dongle that is capable for AP.
> >
> > Then you'll be looking for a long long time.
> It is possible, look here:
Yeah there are tons of such how-tos. But habe you bothered to read the
comments on the side? Because a few people tried it... And guess what?!
they had issues with the terrible throughput and huge latency spikes
(comments from ivo and Ahmed ).  But I wish you all the best and Good Luck
with your search.

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