Best supported chipset in kernel and hostapd, to use in AP

graffitici at graffitici
Fri Jun 27 16:31:08 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've been battling for the past few days to get a USB wifi dongle to work in AP-mode with hostapd. I was told that the RTL8192cu kernel modules doesn't work properly as an AP, and advised to custom compile a module (thanks for the info!). 

My question is, what is the chipset that is most completely supported in the Linux kernel with hostapd? If I were to ditch my current dongle, and buy a new one to be used as an AP, what should I buy? I am currently looking into using this on a 3.10 kernel running on ARMv7 (Wandboard prototyping board).

Any insights would be immensely helpful!

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