[PATCH 0/7 v3] wpa_supplicant P2P DBus API improvements

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Mon Jun 2 07:41:53 PDT 2014


Here is the version 3 of the patchset about improving DBus API to get
a proper way to know the relationship of Peers and Groups.

I applied the comments from v2:

- I scrapped the InterfaceAddress property of Peer which was finally useless
- Instead of Group, Peer object gets a Groups property to handle the
  multi-group feature. The implementation below handles this now.

This Peer/Groups relationship is only about local P2P connections. Once
user requests to connect to a Peer object, and once the related group has
started, he will be notified about the Peer being part of this group.
In case the group's role is the group owner, the Members property can be
used as usual in the other way, to identify which peers are members of it.
GroupMember object has disappeared just to be replaced with Peer.
The relationship is then direct.

I did less changes to the core, most of the logic if in the DBus area,
using the proper utility functions.

Big thanks to Eduardo Abinader for his reviews and verificasions on
this patch-set.

Tomasz Bursztyka (7):
  p2p: Add a utility function to get the group configuration
  p2p: Add a utility to run a callback on all available groups
  p2p_supplicant: Add utility functions to get go interface
  dbus: Add a Groups property to a Peer object on which it belongs
  dbus: Remove GroupMember object type and use Peer instead
  p2p: Add a utility function to run a method on every known peers
  dbus: Add PropertiesChanged signal to Peer object

 src/p2p/p2p.c                               |  15 ++
 src/p2p/p2p.h                               |  25 +++
 src/p2p/p2p_group.c                         |  25 ++-
 wpa_supplicant/dbus/dbus_new.c              | 233 ++++++++++++++--------------
 wpa_supplicant/dbus/dbus_new.h              |  17 +-
 wpa_supplicant/dbus/dbus_new_handlers_p2p.c |  99 +++++++++++-
 wpa_supplicant/dbus/dbus_new_handlers_p2p.h |   9 +-
 wpa_supplicant/notify.c                     |  22 +--
 wpa_supplicant/p2p_supplicant.c             |  42 ++++-
 wpa_supplicant/p2p_supplicant.h             |   5 +
 10 files changed, 335 insertions(+), 157 deletions(-)


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