Can hostapd be used in this way?

Kf Lee kflee2000
Sun Jun 1 18:14:58 PDT 2014


In Taipei, you can stand on the street get free access to Internet via
wifi, not chargeable phone wifi, and it is really nice. Internet
access should be free as a city government duty but that is just a

I have an idea on people could help each other by open part of their
home ADSL to public by having to SSIDs in my wifi router,  Let said,
one SSID called Public-SSID would do DHCP service for to range; and my private use use Privite-SSID would offer
DHCP in rang smaller than

Thus anyone near my home would be able to get on to Internet, and only
internet access offered  to public, while I can still securely use my
home network. Can I set up so that any access via Public-SSID can only
access port 80 and straight redirect to Internet gateway which is without me worry someone may wonder around in my network?

Or alternatively, can hostapd be setup so that it has two SSID, one
with 192.1168.1.x for private use and one with 192.168.2.x for publc?

kfl.  (HK).


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