Default URL redirection

Sébastien Pierre sebastien.pierre
Mon Jul 28 07:09:10 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I would like to setup a redirection to a specific URL when a user joins an
open WiFi network. I've tried the "network_auth_type" configuration
parameter, but without any success.

My setup is as follows:

- the server/AP hostname is "node"
- apache2 is running on port 80
- hostapd is configured in open network (no password)

now I tried with the following values for network_auth_type:


and then


but in both cases I can't access the WiFi network, nor do I see any
request  logged on the apache2 access log.

I couldn't find more information about what exactly the different modes
(01, 02, etc) do and how the redirect URL is used.

Many thanks,

-- S?bastien
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