hotspot 2.0

Csaba Uhrin uhrincs
Tue Jul 15 06:36:14 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I would like to create a passpoint wifi service with raspberry PI. I was
enabled the hotspot 2.0 in the hostapd.conf file. I try to connect to my
hotspot 2.0 wifi with an galaxy note 3. Unfortunately it is not recognise
the access point. The Beacon frame seems to be good, it is contains
interworking tag, hotspot 2.0 indication and lot of other tags.

Somebody know how to set the hostapd.conf to a samsung phone recognise the
ap as a passpoint ap?

Maybe a wireshark captured beacon frame from a working passpoint system
will help to me.

Thanks :

Farkas Csap? Gy?rgy
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