Force mode 802.11 for station using wpa_supplicant

Ben Greear greearb
Fri Jul 11 03:26:29 PDT 2014

On 07/11/2014 03:17 AM, Vu Hai NGUYEN wrote:
>> Sorry, I thought you meant you wanted 11b, not 11n.
>> That disable_ht40=1 should force it back to HT20 /n when combined with
>> the disable_vht=1.  What driver/NIC are you using?
> I'm using ath10k with module wifi WLE900VX.
> As you said it is logic but I did the test and it did not work :(
>> I have only tested this sort of thing well on ath9k, and that obviously doesn't
>> do /AC anyway.

I'm not sure what it would take to make this work with's on my list of things to do,
but quite a ways down at the moment.  Might require firmware hacking for all I know.


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