How do I configure non-broadcasting ssid for my ad-hoc network?

Saurabh Chakrabarti saurabh.chakrabarti
Mon Jul 7 08:12:39 PDT 2014

On Mon 07 Jul 2014 06:48:38 PM IST, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 05:54:29PM +0530, Saurabh Chakrabarti wrote:
>> I'm using wpa-supplicant for creating an ad-hoc network. But I'm not
>> able to figure out any configuration for stop SSID broadcast.
>> I'm aware that its not going to be of much help security-wise. But
>> this is to solve some other purpose.
> Could you please provide more details on what this would solve? Not
> sending the SSID in Beacon frames in an IBSS sounds like a very bad idea
> taken into account how beaconing is shared among the STAs and the
> standard describing zero-length SSID as an invalid value. If this
> configuration is somehow possible today, I'd rather fix it in a way that
> any attempt to configure it gets rejected either by wpa_supplicant or by
> the driver/cfg80211 (or both)..

We want to create a ad-hoc network which will not show up on laptops or 
mobile phones automatically. (non-discoverable)
We want only our nodes to discover each other, mainly because our nodes 
will know the SSID of the network. Someone from outside who sniff's the 
SSID will be blocked by password for the network, but no one will know 
the SSID just because it pops up on their devices.

For doing this, we want to configure an adhoc network with the 
following requirements
1. No beacons
2. Nodes should respond to probe requests only when the request 
contains its own ssid.
3. Nodes shoud be able to send probe request with that particular ssid

Is this possible?


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