A question about WiFi Display

leonew leonewcool
Sun Jul 6 19:41:47 PDT 2014


I have a question when I use wpa_supplicant to set up a WFD connection:

we know that we can use "wfd_subelem_set 0 /wfd_device_information/" and 
"set wifi diaplay 1" to enable WFD if we want use WiFi Display feature.
and we can also indicate local side WFD Device Type with difference WFD 
Device Type bits, for example:
0b00: WFD Source
0b01: Primary Sink
0b10: Secondary Sink
0b11: dual-role possible, i.e., either a WFD Source or a Primary Sink

if we configure local side with 0b11, *How* can I get the information 
about real WFD device type of local side in a determinately WFD session?

Thanks in advance!

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