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Jouni Malinen j
Fri Feb 21 00:42:42 PST 2014

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 03:40:01AM +0000, Rahul Jain wrote:
> [PATCH]  Fix for missing eloop_cancel_timeout  when p2p invitation<BR> is received

> <P>diff --git a/src/p2p/p2p.c b/src/p2p/p2p.c<BR>index 2ecc547..1e9699e 100644<BR>--- a/src/p2p/p2p.c<BR>+++ b/src/p2p/p2p.c<BR>@@ -2145,6 +2145,7 @@ p2p_probe_req_rx(struct p2p_data *p2p, const u8 *addr, const u8 *dst,<BR>      == 0) {<BR>   /* Received a Probe Request from Invite peer */<BR>   p2p_dbg(p2p, "Found Invite peer - try to start Invite from timeout");<BR>+  eloop_cancel_timeout(p2p_invite_start, p2p, NULL);<BR>   eloop_register_timeout(0, 0, p2p_invite_start, p2p, NULL);<BR>   return P2P_PREQ_PROCESSED;<BR>  }

The actual change itself looks reasonable, but I would need to receive a
patch with Signed-off-by line in the commit message to be able to apply
this. Could you please read the CONTRIBUTIONS file(*) and re-send this
with the Signed-off-by added as described in that file?

Please also note that HTML-only email is discouraged on this mailing
list and it would be highly preferred to get a plaintext version. As you
can see from the quoted version of the change above, this didn't look
very clear in my email reader... :)


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