compilation error in wpa_supplicant

Narayan narayanraddi.m
Mon Feb 10 01:24:18 PST 2014

Hi All,

There is a compilation error when CONFIG_EAPOL_TEST and 
CONFIG_NO_CONFIG_WRITE flags are enabled.

-Werror gcc flag is enabled by CONFIG_EAPOL_TEST flag and is throwing 
error in wpas_p2p_store_persistent_group function. Below is the error 

p2p_supplicant.c: In function ?wpas_p2p_store_persistent_group?:
p2p_supplicant.c:644:6: error: variable ?changed? set but not used 
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
make: *** [p2p_supplicant.o] Error 1

Thanks & Regards,
Narayanraddi M

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