Ath10k with HostAPd very slow

Mariusz Ciszewski mariusz.ciszewski
Sat Aug 30 13:28:25 PDT 2014

Some time ago I mentioned I have strange behavior of my hostapd.

I tried on both Wireless USB cards: TL-WN422G V2 and now RT5370 ( Bus 001
Device 002: ID 148f:5370 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter ).

And result is always the same: speed 5 Mbit via WiFi (hostapd) while
Internet speed via cable directly is 14 Mbit.

USB card is connected to terminal via 2m USB cable.

Terminal: HP Compaq t5730w Thin Client - Hewlett-Packard
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 3.13.0-24-generic
hostapd: 1:2.1-0ubuntu1    i386

I was informed it is not possible to have hostapd on internet speed
influence. Hostapd is not involved into flow of packets.
Is it valid and correct ?

Best regards

2014-08-30 16:40 GMT+02:00 Conrad Kostecki <ck at>:

> Hi!
> I've replaced both of my ath9k cards (Compex WLE350NX) with new ath10k
> cards (Compex WLE900VX). But it seems, I've some sort of performance
> problems. With the new cards, the connection from clients is very slow. The
> throughput, while connected with an Intel 6300 is about 3-6mbit (measured
> with iperf). My Nexus4 is even slower with about 1mbit. It doesn't matter,
> if it's on 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Windows shows in the connection properties,
> while connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi about 350-450Mbit. On 5GHz it seems to
> be slower, as it shows about 150Mbit, sometimes up to 250MBit. It's goes up
> to 450Mbit, if I disable 802.11ac in the configuration of hostapd. Both
> tests are done directly in front of the AP. I've only noticed, that in 5GHz
> band with 802.11ac enabled, if shows one channel and according to debug log
> with 80MHz bandwith. In 802.11n mode only I can see two channels, with a
> bandwith of 40MHz.
> 2.4GHz startup debug log:
> 5GHz (802.11ac disabled) startup debug log:
> 5GHz (802.11ac enabled) startup debug log:
> So, what can I do to speed up my WiFi, to make is fast, as it was with my
> old ath9k cards? I would expect at least 70-80Mbit in 802.11n mode, as
> 5Mbit can't be normal.
> Does anybody has some ideas? Can I debug this somehow?
> Kernel: 3.16.1
> [    4.113905] ath10k: qca988x hw2.0 (0x4100016c, 0x043202ff) fw
> 10.1.467.2-1 api 2 htt 2.1
> [    4.351541] ath10k: qca988x hw2.0 (0x4100016c, 0x043202ff) fw
> 10.1.467.2-1 api 2 htt 2.1
> 2.4GHz configuration:
> 5GHz configuration:
> Thanks!
> Conrad
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