NAI on reconnection

khali singh khali3620
Sat Aug 9 10:25:30 PDT 2014


I have implemented a new EAP method. It works fine for the first connection
attempt and upon providing proper credentials, a supplicant can
successfully complete the handshake and receive the PMK.

But now I want to handle the case when the key expires. And I want to do an
abbreviated handshake based on the previous exchange. So I want to send the
SessID (session ID) along with the original NAI that was used.
But I understood that the NAI is specified in the configuration file of the
supplicant and not in the EAP method. How do I append a SessID to the NAI
before it is sent over the network. Note, this should only be done if there
has been a previous successful handshake before.

Thanks in advance
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