wpa_supplicant: Problem with freq_list scan filter

Bojan Prtvar bojan.prtvar
Thu Aug 7 07:05:52 PDT 2014


We are using wpa_supplicant (v2.0-devel-4.2.2)on Android embedded device.
We had a requirement to support only networks in 5GHz range. In order to
support it, we back-ported [1] patch and added config option
freq_list=5180 5200 5220 5240 5260 5280 5300 5320 5500 5520 5540 5560
5580 5600 5620 5640 5660 5680 5700
After this, Android only reports networks from 5GHz range and everything
seemed OK.

Problem statement:
There is a problem in following scenario.
We have two networks(same ssid,same password) one in 5GHz other in 2GHz
range. We connect  device to supported 5GHz network, and then turn off
that AP. After a while, device automatically connects to unwanted 2GHz
network. Please find wpa_supplicant logs in [2].
5GHz AP is f8:d1:11:a6:1b:b0
2GHz AP is f8:d1:11:c4:4b:dc

Could this be a wpa_supplicant issue or Android WiFi framework is to blame?
Any help would be highly appreciated.



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