BSS Blacklisting with SELECT_NETWORK

Sunil Saraff sunil.saraff86
Wed Aug 6 05:54:31 PDT 2014

The commit 0cdb93fe9ffe2bfb125f6f758f837a09e7762155 "Do not add BSS to
blacklist on local disconnection request" adds a check for local request in

In a scenario, where wpa_supplicant receives "SELECT NETWORK" command,
ctrl_iface.c calls "wpa_supplicant_select_network", and marks
wpa_s->disconnected = 0.
"wpa_supplicant_select_network" sends request to deauthenticate.
After this it follows this path, Events.c, case EVENT_DEAUTH
-> wpa_supplicant_event_disassoc_finish() -> wpas_connection_failed.
After this, as wpa_s->disconnected is zero, "wpas_connection_failed" adds
the BSSID to blacklist despite being a local request.

How to avoid blacklisting bssid's while processing "SELECT_NETWORK"?

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