receive eapol handshake packet from ath2 or br0

Long Quan quanlong.whu
Tue Apr 29 09:35:46 PDT 2014

If my device(with atheros wlan chip) has run for a long time and
occasionally disconnect with ap during which, it cannot just connect with
ap anymore at last. i open the wpa_supplicant debug and find that it was
stuck at 4way handshake.3/4 handshake EAPOL packets now are received by
bridge but with no enough info so as to get to 4/4 handshake, so it
repeated to send 2/4 handshake and receive packets from bridge. In normal
condition these eapol packets are supposed to be received by ath2 and it
works fine.
Does anyone have any idea about this? Welcome to talk about it, thanks.
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