GTK and 802.11R Fast BSS Transition

kiran k ikirank
Tue Apr 15 22:53:10 PDT 2014

When Fast BSS Transition is enabled on an AP1 and AP2, do we support GTK
timeout. The scenario I have is
1 ) Station1 associates to AP1 enabled for Fast BSS Transition (11R).
Station1 does initial authentication.Do we support GTK rekey timeout after
initial authentication.
2) Station2 initally associates to AP2 using FT and roams to AP1. Now in
this case if GTK rekey times out on AP1 do we need to rerun group key state
machine and generate new GTK key. Station2 in my case does not seem to
honor EAPOL key messages for GTK key refresh from AP1.

Can you let me know how does hostapd work in this case.

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