crash in wpa_supplicant

Alexandru Costache alexandru.costache.100
Mon Apr 7 00:04:35 PDT 2014

Allright, looks like the previous message didn't make it as it was greater
than 25KB in size. Re-sending.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your answer! Indeed, the latest git revision already had
cancel_delayed_sched_scan() implemented, so that issue is not present in

Short off-topic question for the latest revision: in ap.c line 57 there's
center_chan = wpas_p2p_get_vht80_center(wpa_s, mode, channel); This implies
that having wpa_supplicant configured with CONFIGURE_AP also needs
CONFIGURE_P2P, otherwise build will fail. Is this the intended behaviour?

Here's a patch with the issues you mentioned:

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