wpa_supplicant segfault in large WLAN

Ben Greear greearb
Thu Sep 26 12:28:26 PDT 2013

On 09/26/2013 12:15 PM, Matt Causey wrote:

> (gdb) print bss
> $1 = (const struct wpa_bss *) 0x8ada590

Try this:

print *bss

The * is important, should print out the bss struct members' values.

> (gdb) print pos
> $2 = (const u8 *) 0x8ae6fff ""
> (gdb) print end
> $3 = (const u8 *) 0x8b38315 <Address 0x8b38315 out of bounds>

As Jouni said, it does look corrupted...end seems way too much bigger
than pos.

You can also try moving to a different stack frame, finding the pertinent
source code, and printing out interesting variables.


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