[PATCH] Handle EAGAIN in wpa_supplicant_ctrl_iface_send

Pontus Fuchs pontus.fuchs
Sun Sep 22 23:51:05 PDT 2013

On 2013-09-20 18:05, Ben Greear wrote:
> On 09/20/2013 12:53 AM, Pontus Fuchs wrote:
>> Commit 4fdc8def changed the ctrl interface socket to be non-blocking,
>> but didn't update wpa_supplicant_ctrl_iface_send to handle EAGAIN.
>> If a burst of events are sent, the socket queue can overflow and
>> sendmsg fails with EAGAIN. When this happens the monitor is silently
>> detached.
> Patch looks OK to me, but since sendmsg uses MSG_DONTWAIT, then it
> was always non-blocking and my patch should have not made things any
> worse...

Thanks Ben. Missed the MSG_DONTWAIT. I'll have to look for another 
reason to why this started to happen then. Anyway the patch is still 
valid. I'll update the commit msg.



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